Made Talents Art and Dance Studio In Vancouver, BC

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In the heart of Vancouver, BC, Made Talents Art and Dance Studio serves as a platform for all people to come together in their passions. Starting out as an urban dance (or hip hop dance) program, Made Talents has since grown into an artistic engine that provides not only dance classes but also acting, theatre and conventional art classes.

Made Talents serves as a foundation to discover your true passions. We have created classes and programs designed to give our members an environment in which they can grow and thrive. Our supportive and exciting atmosphere is for all ages, all levels and art forms. Our teachers love what they teach and have extensive experience working in the industry. They will work with you every step of the way, providing council and instruction towards the goals you set for yourself. Made talents was engineered to be your artistic platform in creating yourself to be the artist that you choose to be; An artist defined by you.

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